youtoo for your Health Organization

At the moment, youtoo is implemented at hospitals, rehabilitation centers and retirement homes and offered to patients and their relatives as a new service.

An example: A person has to go to the hospital. Her family and her best friends visit her. However, either all visitors come to see the patient at the same time, or no one. This calls for coordination. youtoo is a great service to coordiate visit times for a patient. But youtoo can do even more.

If you are employee in a professional care organization or in a hospital we can offer you a consultation appointment at your organization to explain what youtoo can do for you.

Innovative services for your patients and their relatives.

Better coordination for patient visits

With youtoo patient visits can be better coordinated. Crowded hospital rooms at the main visiting times are avoided.

Publish rest times

youtoo allows to individually communicate rest times when the patient does not wish for visits.

Help for relatives

With youtoo you can provide specific tips to the relatives of patients to support them during rehabilitation.

Reduce work of your care staff

Often professional care staff is confronted with questions from relatives. youtoo takes over an important part of this communication. In this way, your staff can be relieved.

How may youtoo help you?

Contact us. We will be happy to give you more information about youtoo and what it can do for your organization.