What youtoo can do

Spontaneous, flexible, reliable and intuitive:
youtoo helps you to organize your helpgroups.

You decide whom you want to help and who should participate in your helpgroup.


With youtoo you can decide whom you want to help. This may be a good friend or relative. With youtoo you also decide who you want to inspire to help you.


You distribute tasks and fix dates.


Together with others you want to help a person who is close to you. With youtoo all those you invited can participate in helping. Create tasks which can be undertaken by members of your helpgroup. Each member can see who undertook which task and when. In this way organization becomes quick and simple.


Support helping with texts, pictures and videos.


With pictures, videos and texts you can explain your helpgroup what is important when helping the person you care for. Additionally, you may share important addresses as well as links to doctors and therapists.


Divide help.


You inspire only those people to help who you want to be part of your helpgroup. People can only participate in helping if you send them a personal invitation. You decide who should care for the people you love.


These people already use youtoo
to help their family and friends.

Inge helps her father


Inge’s father is seriously ill and has to rely on the help from his family. With youtoo, Inge can coordinate this help quickly and easily.

“We all want to help dad – my sister Jutta, her brother Rolf, and Hans and Rosemarie, daddy’s best friends. Me, of course, too.

I created a youtoo helpgroup and invited Jutta, Rolf, Hans and Rosemarie to participate. Everyone wanted to help. With youtoo we can see who takes care of important tasks for dad. I can also propose supportive tasks if I don’t have the time to do them myself. There is nearly always someone from the group who undertakes these tasks and I feel well supported. Thank you, youtoo!”

Karl cares for his friend


Karl’s best friend had a severe accident. Josef lives alone, cannot drive a car currently. The daily work in his household overstrains him.

“Josef and I have a small mutual circle of friends. Some of them spontaneously offered to help Josef. Somebody I know made me aware of youtoo.

With youtoo, the first step to helping together was quickly made. Our friends and I divide the tasks of driving Josef to the doctor or helping him at home. Meanwhile, Josef’s sister Heike and his daughter Verena have also become members of our helpgroup.”

Dr. Grabner supports caregiving families


Dr. Grabner works as a general practitioner. She has lots of elderly patients who live alone. Most of them need assistance of their relatives.

“The daughter of a female patient asked me to participate in her youtoo helpgroup. At first, I was sceptical but then I found a way to provide professional help and information without breaching my duty of confidentiality. Now and then I give tips how to support people who suffer from a specific disease.

My advices are surprisingly well received. That’s quite helpful for my patients.”

Help now, together - with youtoo

Start your first helpgroup now and invite friends and relatives to help you.