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Helping may enrich your life

A friend is alone at the hosptial? Your sistor cannot drive a car for three weeks after a fall from her mountain bike? Your grandmother sometimes forgets things? Your favourite uncle should do more exercise after his heart attack?

There are situations in life when you need help from others or when you want to form a small team to help people in need.

youtoo inspires others to help. It is your tool to plan and coordinate help in a team so that each team member knows who takes care for the person in need at which time.

News from youtoo

Regular Meetings for Caring Relatives

First Thursday of every month from 6pm – 8pm
at the Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen

Once a month, the Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen offers a meeting where caring relatives can share experience and receive useful tips and information.

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Austrian Congress for Hospital Management

14th – 16th of May 2018 at the Design Center Linz

This year, Youtoo is represented at the 61st Austrian Congress for Hospital Management.

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youtoo is your tool
that connects you with your friends and relatives
to help people you are close to!

You decide whom you want to help


You invite others to help


Together help is organized


Help now, together - with youtoo

Start your first helpgroup now and invite relatives and friends to participate!

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